fabian heitzhausen

Let's Play Modernism, 2-channel video-installation, loop, 3:59min, 2013



In the Internet you can find many videos under the title "Let's play ..." which introduce various computer games. In these videos, the players capture their entire gameplay on video and share their experience as they immerse themselves in the digital world and how they behave in it.


The work, "Let's Play Modernism" is based on this idea of sharing the experience of playing and seeing. It consists of two videos which are shown at the same time. In the first video the viewer moves through a building that consists of computer-generated set pieces of modern architecture, which were built in a program for game development. In the other video, short clips from various films are shown in which modern architecture is presented. Through the eclectic juxtaposition and combination of cutting scenes, the architecture is detached from the context of the respective film and forms a novel experience of architecture.


In "Let's Play Modernism," modern architecture and the digital form a union which is not clear what it's all about. The work examines what we could learn from the relationship between modernity and the digital. The formal peculiarities and similarities play the same role as the thought-historical references of architectural theory in a playful game with the ontological otherness of digital data and their space of possibilities.